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Why choose us?

Attaineo is more than an agency – we’re your collaborative recruitment partner.

40+ years of recruiting experience

Achieving the right fit for executive and highly specialized roles is critical for competitive advantage. Attaineo delivers exceptional personalized recruitment for your most senior and specialized roles in full collaboration with your stakeholders and internal team.

Strategic recruiting solutions

Collaboration is the key to our success. We use a flexible recruitment methodology that aligns to your brand, corporate culture, and talent needs. Our team works with your hiring managers and HR stakeholders to deliver the talent you need quickly and cost-effectively.

Embedded talent acquisition teams

Bring Attaineo’s recruitment expertise in-house. Our RPO program works seamlessly to support, augment or replace your internal recruitment function.

Replacing the agency model

Our approach emphasizes scalability, customization, and consultative insight, functioning as an embedded resource for your business to guide you through recruiting challenges.

Access to top-tier
talent pool
Scalable & customized
Employment brand